About Sanoway

New Thinking for a Greener World

SANOWAY GmbH is situated in Austria/Dornbirn. Complete name of our Company is "SANOWAY Gesellschaft zur Verwertung innovativer Umwelttechnologien mbH" which means "Association for the utilization or application of innovative Environmental Technologies ltd."

The aim of our company is to find solutions for our customers to achieve better growing conditions for their greening projects, but at the same time reduce the maintenance costs of these areas!

Our products and systems are the result of intensive research and years of experience (since the 1980s). We are permanently improving our already established products and continuously looking for new technologies to find better solutions for solving our customer's problems.

SANOWAY GmbH offers highly sophisticated but manageable products and solutions for greener gardens:

  • specialized soil conditioner for water retention
  • slow releasing organic and biologic fertilizer
  • subsurface irrigation systems
  • electro osmotic irrigation system
  • hydro seeding substrate recipes for slope greening
  • plant- and soil care systems
  • etc.