Sanoplant Overview

Sanoplant is a soil amendment especially developed for improving moisture retention in sand, sandy soils and free-draining substrates. Made mainly of natural silicates, Sanoplant has the ability to rapidly adsorb and hold water and any nutrients therein at plant-available tension.

Sanoway Overview

Benefits of using Sanoplant include

  • significant saving of irrigation water
  • extended intervals between watering
  • reduced leaching of nutrients... good for environment and more efficient use of fertilisers
  • Direct and indirect irrigation costs are reduced
  • Soil structure is improved as the constant moisture in the soil increases microbial activity

Sanoplant is NOT a “water crystal” or polyacrylamide product.

Sanoplant is environmentally friendly with a neutral ph, granulated for easy calibration and handling and is effective for more than 10 years.

Applications include sportfields constructed with sand-based profiles, golf courses and greens, landscaping in sandy soils, forestry, nurseries etc. Following years of success in the UAE, there are now many examples in Australia where Sanoplant has been used with excellent results.

(Field trials and laboratory data evidencing Sanoplant performance are also available.)

Sanoplant should be mixed into the soil in or below the root zone, encouraging development of a deep and strong root system. The tiny Sanoplant particles store water in available micro pores, so there is no soil destabilisation. Once the Sanoplant reaches capacity, excess water will drain through as normal, so no waterlogging. Function of drying and re-saturation repeatedly lasts for many years.

SANOPLANT is certified and approved by recognised institutions and organisations such as: