Sanoway Projects

Plant Cultivation

Date Palm Farm

LOCATION: Al Baraka Farms, Jordan
CATEGORY: Plant Cultivation
PRODUCTS USED: sanoplant


SANOPLANT was used at al Baracka date palm farm to reduce irrigation quantity. 2 different ways of application were done.

  1. For transplantation of very big trees also very big holes were dug. Bottom of pit was treated with SANOPLANT. 5kg was spread homogenously and incorporated into a depth of 25cm at the bottom of the hole. Plantation of palm tree was done as usual.
  2. For recultivation of old date palm trees holes were drilled with 20cm in diameter and about 1,5 meters of depth. Excavated material was replaced by a sand Sanoplant mixture. After refilling intensive watering was done only one times.

Both treatments enabled a reduction of about 35 - 40 % within short time.